#SBBC Day 19

Day 19: You have €250 to spend on yourself. What would you buy?

As part of #SBBC

I redecorated my room this summer. I painted over the pink and grey walls (it sounds like it would work, but I hated it) with a cream and brown finish. I replaced the old lampshade on the main light with a new, fancy one worthy of an adult’s bedroom. However, there are still a few finishing touches that need to go in to perfect the look.

When I first moved to my room, the walls, curtains and lampshades were all purple. That was almost ten years ago, if not more. The walls and lampshades have now changed colours, but the curtains remain the original.

My window is a dormer window, so getting a pair of curtains that will fit is more difficult than you would think. The last pair I bought cost about €400, so I would put the €250 toward a new pair of curtains. That way I could finally have the bedroom of my dreams.


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