#SBBC Day 9

Day 9: Collecting

As part of #SBBC

I’ve been collecting different things for years. I’ve stopped with some, while others still take over my entire life. Some are justified, some are just insane.


The amount of pens I have is just insane. I have a set on my desk at home that I use there, a set for my desk in my college house, my pens to use in my lectures and a Roses tin of spares hidden under my bed. If any of the country’s stationary shops ever go under, you can come to me and I will comfortably look after your stationary needs and still have enough left over for myself.


My stationary minder on my desk at home. It’s shaped like a stack of books.


Back when I first realised I wanted to go into journalism, I made a habit of keeping the magazines I bought, to use as inspiration. I had stacks of three different publications (I won’t name them in an effort to keep us all out of trouble), and I actually found some articles in each of them that I could have done, done differently, or written from another angle. When I found out that that’s plagiarism, and needed more storage space in my room, I got rid of the magazines.


Yes, that’s right. In an attempt to learn how to save money, I’ve been keeping a copper jar for the last two years. For a while I emptied it every six months, but I’ve decided to let it go for a full year this time and see how much I can reel in. I also put all my 10c and 20c coins into bank bags, and put them into my bank account when I’ve reached a tenner in each one. It’s starting to teach me the real value of money (it only took 20 years, no worries) and I hope it’s going to rub off for the bigger amounts of money one day.


4 thoughts on “#SBBC Day 9

    • I’m gonna leave mine until around December and see if it makes a big difference. Some day I’m gonna start putting the 20s and 10s into the jar too, pretend that will make me more money faster.

  1. I always try to do the loose change one and then I end up dipping into it and taking all the 20c back out for sweets, I am actually six years old… I hear you on the pens, I’m a bit like that with notebooks too…

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