#SBBC Day 2

Day 2: Favourite eye shadow palette 

As part of #SBBC

Hey, guess what! More make-uppy stuff.

My favourite eye shadow palette has to be the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. I got one for my 21st birthday, and like a complete weirdo spent about twenty minutes just staring at it.


As soon as this was released I knew I preferred it to the original Naked palette. It has more of the neutral colours in it than the first offering did (NP1 had some dark blues in it) and I’m a slave for natural looking make up. This one was the obvious choice for me.

A look inside the palette

A look inside the palette

The palette has twelve different shades of eye shadow, some matte, some glittery and some shiny. They all work together, and the Naked 2 Palette would be ideal for creating a smoky, natural look.

If I knew how, I’d show you.


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