How to relive your childhood

This year marks my final year in college, and as I type it is my second last week in the hallowed halls. The revelation that I’m very close to becoming a fully-fledged grown up led me to reminisce on the days when everything was simpler.

The days when the only car I wanted was the one that you moved with your feet in playschool. When there was no such thing as money problems, or friend drama. And boys were still smelly.

I wish I was a child again.

If, like me, you want to remember what it’s like to be four, footloose and fancy free, then why not try these tips?

Forget the fancy desserts

When you’ve finished your dinner (which, if you’re doing this right, is a big plate of chips and sausages, ketchup on the side), do not go for the cheesecake. Or the trifle. Your inner child is screaming out for jelly and ice cream.

This also applies to a trip to the local shop. Walk right past the Magnums or the Cornettos. This calls for a Loop The Loop.

Don’t get something fancy for lunch

If you’re your own chef for the lunch hour, forget about salads with balsamic vinegar, or bagels. Aim for pasta shapes doused in tomato sauce (not ketchup, but it tastes an awful lot like it, doesn’t it?) or a boiled egg and toast.

20130905-012107 p.m..jpg

An actual boiled egg eaten by me last week. I’m doing pretty well with this checklist.

Break out the Disney

I’ve no reason to pretend I’m not a massive Disney fan, and I can’t even hide because I have three Disney-related posts on this blog alone.

Disney meant sitting on the couch with a bowl of Coco Pops and not a care in the world, so it gives the chance to escape back to my childhood.

Plus, no matter what age you are when you watch the film, your favourite Disney princess will always be the best thing since sliced bread.

Even if it’s Batman5042093_700b_v1

Happy Meals

A Big Mac will always be king, but it doesn’t come with a toy. It’s just not the same.


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