What’s In My Handbag

Every once in a while, I like to remember that I am a girl and things like glossy magazines still fascinate me. One particular piece that always caught my eye as a young girl was the ‘What’s In Your Handbag?’ feature. Don’t they say that what’s in your handbag says a lot about you?

First, this is the bag itself


Awear’s finest, I got this in a pre Christmas sale (I didn’t know they existed either) when my previous handbag broke. I really like this bag, even though I had to take a needle to it and sew together a hole in the lining so I didn’t lose my keys.

And this is all the crap I have in my bag. No wonder it weighs almost as much as I do.


Hair stuff: And lots of it. Bobbles/gogos/whateveryoucallems, a big clip, and a packet of brown hair clips. Half of the time I spend running for the bus/train is spent trying to put my hair up so it’s not in my way.

Journalisty stuff: Since I got it as a Christmas present (even though my Dad thought I was kidding when I asked him), my dictaphone has gone everywhere with me. There’s also a large collection of pens, a highlighter and a diary.

Purse: I keep purses for roughly a year. I bought this one in summer 2012 and I really like it, so it may stick around for a bit. Don’t bother robbing it though, there’s about 20c in there.

Beauty stuff: Deodorant, tins of various types of lip balm, and a make up bag. The make up bag only has the essentials; foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I also have a bottle of what I like to refer to as “handbag perfume”, which in this instance is Britney Spear’s Fantasy. These change depending on which bottle of perfume is the lowest, and when handbag perfume runs out.

Foodie stuff: A menu for the Chinese restaurant across the road from college, which I swear I haven’t visited recently. A voucher book for McDonalds, just in case I forget my student card (with a student card, you can get a medium meal in McD’s for a fiver. Not bad.)

Miscellaneous items: A bookmark, which probably had a book connected to it at one time. A St Christopher medal, so I don’t crash the car/bus/train (laugh all you want, it’s worked so far.). Keys to my college house. Gloves (it’s getting cold, guys.) Train timetable, so that I know when I can go home.


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