Bottoms Up: a guide to college drinking games

A major aspect of socialising in college is the house party, or an event run by societies. Drinking games are common in these, so here’s a quick guide so you don’t get caught out when the pint glass comes your way.


What do I need? A group of three or more people, an empty pint glass, a deck of cards.

How do I play? Put the pint glass in the middle of the table with the cards spread out around them face down. Each player then takes a card and turns it over. There is a rule connected to each card and each game has a different set of rules. If someone draws one of the four Kings, they must put some of their drink into the pint glass in the middle. The last person to turn over a King has to down the lot.

Beer Pong

What do I need? Table tennis balls (lots of them), cans of beer, plastic glasses, a team mate, opposition.

How do I play? Each team of two stands at opposite ends of a table. Put some glasses quarter-filled with beer in front of you (however many you want, the more glasses the longer the game). The idea is to throw your ball into one of the other team’s cups. If you throw it in, they have to down that cup. The team that knocks the other out first wins.

Never Have I Ever

What do I need? A dirty conscience. (Well, dirtyish. You don’t want to push it too far.)

How do I play? Sitting in a circle, each person begins their confession with ‘never have I ever.’ They then continue with a sordid detail from their past (example: never have I ever been a “jersey puller”-gotten with a member of the local GAA team). Anyone who has done this takes a drink.

Higher or Lower

What do I need? A pack of cards

How do I play? Ever seen the (by now pushing on a bit) TV game show “Play Your Cards Right”, presented by Bruce Forsyth? Think that, but with alcohol if you manage to guess right.

Say you start with a ten. You must then guess if the next card will be higher or lower. You can decide the value of the ace yourself, but the show deemed the rank to be “ace two three four five etc”


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