The Freshers Guide to College

With the CAO offers out today, thousands of young people across the country are preparing themselves for their first year in college. Alongside the essentials that you need to bring, what else do you need to know about life at third level?

Some friends are for life, some are til Christmas

The friendships you formed in your hometown will stay intact while you travel the country, provided you keep in contact with them. The college people, however, will be like a new start. While you could find the people you will never forget, it’s not unusual to drift apart from some of the people you meet in the first few weeks. Don’t take it to heart, just remember that there are other people you can talk to too.

You will start making less and less of an effort as the weeks go by

In the initial stages of college, repeating an outfit could almost be classed as a major offence, and all the stops are pulled out. Wearing Hollister and Abercrombie is a must in order to impress the others.

After a few months, the need to dress to impress wears off. Especially the morning after a heavy night out. No one has the time or energy to look their best when battling a hangover.

20130815-082711 p.m..jpg

In fact, some days you may not even wear clothes at all

On days that you’re not in class until the afternoon, or not in at all, it is perfectly acceptable to sit in your pyjamas and watch crappy daytime TV. It’s almost become the norm. The only reason you might put on normal clothes is to go to Spar for the hangover-defying chicken fillet roll, and even then it’s just a tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie.

20130815-093818 p.m..jpg

Most of the people in your class will want to be there, and you’ll be doing something you want to do.

Remember the days in sixth year Irish? Sitting there bored out of your tree when all you wanted to do was be in Art class to finish the still life you were working on. The days of sitting through your least favourite classes are now a thing of the past. What’s more, the person beside you is probably as excited to be here as you are. Success.

20130817-122509 p.m..jpg

Your diet will consist mainly of chicken fillet rolls and Jagerbombs.

While you might learn how to cook some basic dinners to keep you alive, the main food you’ll live on will be a greasy breakfast roll or a mayo-laden chicken fillet roll from the delicatessen. These are usually bought to settle your stomach after a night that was heavy on vodka, bringing on a very vicious circle. These rolls will soon become your best friends.

Don’t buy the books first hand

20130827-071854 p.m..jpgYou may not even need to buy the books at all. The library will be your saving grace throughout your degree. It provides not only a place to get the books needed for assignments and exams (free of charge, too) but it’s also somewhere to study or finish off your assignments. Provided you can stay quiet.


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