How to tell you’re a grown up

Having recently turned 21, I think it’s finally time to admit that my childhood days are now firmly behind me. I’ve started to notice a few hints that support my train of thought…

Be prepared. Some of them might be a little familiar.


You can’t keep awake after 1am

Back when you were young and restless staying awake past midnight was a regular occurrence, Now, you wouldn’t be able. If you even see 3am on the clock, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to make it through the next day without copious amounts of coffee.

Music just sounds like noise

Million Voices. When does the verse start? Oh. Right.

You start noticing the hidden meanings in films

Disney is mad for them. They said WHAT in The Lion King?

Your parents don’t drive you around everywhere

There are now two options: either take the bus (easier in urban areas that actually HAVE a bus) or to walk. You can also drive there yourself, but that’s a little difficult if you only have a learner’s permit, or no license at all.

You are expected to have a high level of responsibility

Cook? What the hell does that mean?!

Cook? What the hell does that mean?!

When we were little, Mammy or Daddy provided all the meals, money and clothes we needed. Now, we’re given a say in what goes on the table, and have to buy our own clothes (which is probably an improvement) with our own money.

Filling in a form online takes longer than before

Nothing more needs to be said.

Years before 1996 are generally hidden, meaning you have to search for them. Oh, to be 17 again…


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