How to relive your childhood

This year marks my final year in college, and as I type it is my second last week in the hallowed halls.┬áThe revelation that I’m very close to becoming a fully-fledged grown up led me to reminisce on the days when everything was simpler.

The days when the only car I wanted was the one that you moved with your feet in playschool. When there was no such thing as money problems, or friend drama. And boys were still smelly.

I wish I was a child again.

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The write way to grow up

Once in a while, I like to give my room a good clear out. It settles me, and it passes away a few hours when I simply have nothing better to do with my time. Today, I went through the boxes in my bedroom to see what treasures lay hidden.

Among the old pairs of shoes that have worn down and the various items of clothes that are now too big/small for me, I found some old copy books. And not just any old copy books. These contained what I imagined to be my best selling novels, all written between the ages of eight and 14.

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