The Pretty Purple Polka Dots Book Club: Second Meeting

It’s been almost a year since the first book review offering on this blog. In that time, I somehow found the time to devour a few books, in between college, assignments and planning my summer calendar.

As I’m currently reading The Lovely Bones, I don’t think I have enough of an opinion on this one to write a proper review on it yet. This does mean, however, that another book club meeting is imminent, so watch this space.7

The Charm Bracelet by Melissa Hill

This book is the first of Melissa Hill’s that I’ve read, and I did like it. I started it at about the same time I bought my Pandora bracelet, and reading through the story it made me think about the meaning behind and reason why I have the charms on it that I do (or at least that I had on it then.)

The main plot was far better than the sub plot though; in the main storyline, a woman finds a bracelet in a coat in the charity shop she works in. As Holly would be ‘naked’ without her own charm bracelet (which she was given on the day of her father’s funeral), she sets out to reunite it with its owner.

In the other plot line, Greg and his girlfriend Karen struggle to adjust to their new lifestyle when Greg spontaneously changes career.

Can Greg and Karen survive on this new lower income? Will Holly find out who the owner of the new charm bracelet is?

And how will the tales intertwine?

For more of my thoughts on this novel, have a look at a review for the college paper.

I Wished For You by Amy Huberman

Anyone following Amy on Twitter will know that she was born with a funny bone firmly intact. This is her second book, following “Hello Heartbreak” in 2010, and Amy’s natural wit shines through from every page.

When you’re at the stage in your life in which every second weekend finds you at a wedding, what do you do when you’re not quite there yet? Grace has to find out the hard way after her boyfriend Robbie unexpectedly goes down on bended knee.

The novel is full of laugh-out-loud moments, which led to a few awkward moments on train journeys to and from college. But Grace, her friend Lisa and her “guardian angel” Verity are very loveable characters who you can’t help but find a space in your heart for.

The romance story in this book isn’t your typical chick-lit fairytale love-in. It’s more realistic, more human, and much more relatable (who among us can’t say they’re a commitment phobe in some way?)

This is the perfect book for lounging beside the pool on that two week break from work. Just try not to attract to much attention to yourself when you start cackling at the storyline.

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

You have one week to get in touch with 100 people. All you know about them is their names. Go.

This was the task faced by Kitty Logan, who sets out to write the story her terminally ill editor never got the chance to file. Kitty also has the challenge of researching this while her reputation as a journalist has been tarnished following an unresearched article previously.

Now, I’m a journalist myself (kind of. I write things and sometimes media outlets put them out into the world.) It’s common sense in the media world that you need to get all the facts straight before you release anything.

Also, one hundred people in just a week? No one can do that, no matter what information you have about them. It just doesn’t work like that.

In the last post I thought Cecelia’s book was the best, but unfortunately the same isn’t true here.

Do you have any books to recommend for the next review?


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