How to tell if you have a shopping problem

With the unprecedented two week spell of good weather, people all over the country have been heading to Penneys in droves to stock up on shorts, string tops and other “warm weather” apparel. But what if this trip to the shop isn’t just a seasonal thing? What if it’s normal to see you in Penneys every weekend? How do you self-identify a shopping addiction?

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The Pretty Purple Polka Dots Book Club: Second Meeting

It’s been almost a year since the first book review offering on this blog. In that time, I somehow found the time to devour a few books, in between college, assignments and planning my summer calendar.

As I’m currently reading The Lovely Bones, I don’t think I have enough of an opinion on this one to write a proper review on it yet. This does mean, however, that another book club meeting is imminent, so watch this space.7

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