Thing #12

Number 12: Describe a typical day in your current life

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I will try and make this as unboring as possible, but the truth is I live an incredibly mundane life.

Since I’m a light sleeper, I tend to wake up at around 8am when my parents are leaving for work. I judge this time “far too early to function” and I go for a power nap until about half ten.

When I do wake up, I spend about twenty minutes doing social media stuff. Replying to emails, texting, checking Facebook/Twitter etc.

Then I start The Daily Shift stuff. I’ve been news editor at the site for about four months, and it’s my job to find current stories for the writers to cover. I pitch them on the Facebook group, then wait for the takers to come. More often than not, they don’t, so I cover some of the major pieces.

When that’s all done, I start cleaning. I’d be the perfect housewife if I were actually married. Laundry (if, by some miracle, the weather is actually good for once), load/empty the dishwasher, then start on a journey around the house to find stuff that needs to be cleaned.

TV on, tea made; lunch time. Some days I work and eat at the same time, some days I don’t actually have the time to stop and eat. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again because I do love food.

My Dad comes home from work at about half three. Put away shopping, clear out the fire place (am I the only one who finds it completely insane that we’re still lighting fires in May?) and start on dinner.

Read the paper, most often the Irish Examiner (the paper of choice in my house.)

When my Mam comes home dinner is usually soon after. In the last few months we’ve moved away from a family who always had dinner at the table every night to one who sees no problem eating in front of the TV in the living room. We’ve become everything I feared we would.

Go up to my room after dinner (where there is usually a cat on the bed to greet me) and start working again. Mostly The Daily Shift stuff now, but when I go back to college The College View will be back on my radar properly.

Reply to more texts/text friends from home or college, then watch a film before bed.

I did warn you it would be pretty boring.

What do you do every day? Think my day sounds exciting, or dull?


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