Thing #10

Number 10: Describe your most embarrassing moment.

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Really? Do I have to?

Fine. But you’ve been warned, it’s not pretty.

It was last Christmas, and one of my close friend’s 21st. As she’s a real live Christmas baby, her party was a few days after the big event.

I headed to the train to go back to Dublin for the party on an empty stomach. I had to get an early train to get there in time, and had promised my mother I would get something decent to eat before I got to the venue.

I’m a student. To a student, decent does not mean a carvery meal at the nearest pub. It means quick and easy. (FOOD. QUICK AND EASY FOOD. GOD.)

I headed from train to Luas to bus to my house to get ready. The clock was ticking and I think by the time I’d left home I had just over an hour to get to town and to the party in order to miss ‘The Awkward Hour’ (It’s a real thing, and the concept of it terrifies me.)

There was only one option; a fast food restaurant. I had already decided which one. Pizza Hut. I’m a bit of a pizza nut.

It was coming on to nine by the time I got to town, so there wasn’t time to sit down with my food and eat it in a ladylike manner. Also, I don’t do ladylike anyway so why should that night have been any different? Pizza ordered, bus to the party in ten minutes. Only one way to do this; I had to INHALE this pizza.

Never a good idea. Especially when your topping of choice includes mushrooms.

As soon as I got on the bus I knew it wasn’t going to end well. Get off the bus, head for nearest shop and buy a bottle of 7up. Make it go flat, and take sips of it on walk from bus stop to pub. Discover as soon as we get to pub that this did not work (tell Mammy that one) and almost throw up on good friend’s new (and ridiculously pretty) dress and shoes.

End up getting a taxi back to Dublin house after half an hour, having spent the majority of the party in the bathroom.

Apologies if you were eating while reading that.

Think you can top that? What was your most embarrassing moment?


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