Jenelle Evans makes me think about my life

I’m not ashamed to raise my hand and say that I watched Teen Mom every week. I loved the programme, more specifically the second season. While I had a favourite, there was also one I really didn’t warm to at all.

Jenelle Evans. There were certain aspects of her life that I really didn’t agree with.

Jenelle and her son Jace

She went out while pregnant

If I had been like her and told my mother I was pregnant at 16, there is no chance my Mam would have taken it lightly. In fact, I’d never see the other side of my front door again. I definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to  head off to the local nightclub for a few with my friends.

She’s incredibly disrespectful to her family

Yes, there are times my mother and I don’t exactly see eye to eye (I will never understand why the woman doesn’t like to stir the milk in her tea before she drinks it. I don’t know.) But it has never crossed my mind to have charges pressed against her for doing something that was for my own benefit. Her constant nagging to study at Leaving Cert time was a pain in the backside, but I never abused her for it in any way. I think if I did, the woman would kill me.

The drugs

I know that quitting is never easy. But a child should be enough motivation to stop harming yourself. I’ll go no further.


If it doesn’t work the first time, leave it. I learned that the hard way.


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