The study checklist

It happens at the end of every academic year; we have to get the books out and start getting some of the words off the page and in the brain. If you’re going to study right, you need to have have some essential supplies on hand.

Not just the books.


Tea makes everything better, as we all know. So it’s only right that when sitting in study woes that we make a teapot of tea to keep us going. Study periods become a personal challenge to see how many cups of tea we can consume in a day, then trying to beat this the day after.

Junk food

To keep the hunger pangs at bay, a bountiful supply of food is needed close at hand. Nothing like toast, Mammy’s dinner or pasta will do here; there just isn’t time to make that. This is a time for biscuits, jelly babies and Tayto. Anything with a high sugar content will see you through the next couple of hours until procrastination strikes again.


Most people in college now have some sort of smart phone, which can play music as well as make a few phone calls. Your phone will also come in handy to text your class mates to ask how their studying is going, and cry together as you realise the exam day is looming and you still don’t know how to balance an account.


For when you have been defeated and there’s nothing left but to sit in the corner and cry.


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