Resolutions Update

At the start of this year I posted my new years resolutions in an effort to give me the kick I needed to actually do them. I’ve decided to take a look back and see how my progress is now that the first quarter of the year is done.

It took a while for me to accept that I needed to change

Keep a clean room

I’ve gotten better. I’m never at home home long enough to mess my room up properly, but my college room gets a good clear out about once a fortnight.

Look at it! Immaculate!

Look at it! Immaculate!

Be healthy

Brown rice and brown bread instead of the white alternatives to both. The only thing I can’t bring myself to get is brown pasta.

I haven’t touched Pot Noodle since the start of the year, and they used to be my downfall. I’ve also taken it handy with crisps and chocolate, but Haribo still get a good amount of attention on a semi-weekly basis.

Less sugar in tea

I’ve started having just half a spoon of sugar in my tea now. I didn’t notice the difference when I cut back to one spoon, but now that it’ just a half I do. I’m still adamant that by June I can comfortably drink a cuppa with no sugar in it.

Read more, and read quicker

Yeah, that hasn’t worked out at all. It’s taken me about two months to get to page 68 in one book. I think reading will have to be put off until I’m less busy.

Be able to drive properly

Ha. No.


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