How to survive Coppers

Whether you planned on going there from the word go or end up falling in the doors at half two when the other club closes, there is one place to go (apart from home): Copper Face Jacks.

The Holy Grail, where punters make a holy show of themselves.

The Holy Grail, where punters make a holy show of themselves.

A mecca for those travelling up from the country, Coppers is famously frequented by Gardaí, nurses and teachers, along with the odd student. Once you get past the bouncers (which gets easier the further away from Dublin you were raised), you need to have your wits about you to make sure you get back out alive.

NEVER arrive sober

Coppers isn’t the type of place you rock up to sober as a judge. It’s the place that you turn to when you’ve arrived at the happy drunk stage and no other club will do. Don’t plan to buy too much drink inside there, as pint prices could feed a large family for a month.

Leave your dignity/claustrophobia at the door

You will be stood on. Guaranteed. Coppers always has a big crowd, and getting pushed and shoved around is inevitable. You will also be approached by numerous people looking to ‘steal a kiss’ (a line genuinely used on me once).

If possible, wear your county colours

Treat it as a big county colours night. The bouncers love hearing that you come from the country (it’s Coppers!) and it is a major haunt of supporters after a day in Croker. A GAA jersey won’t look out of place on the floor of the club.

Appreciate the music

All the other clubs will play tunes such as the new Avicii song, or other dance songs. Coppers dig into the past and bring out gems such as B*Witched, Maniac 2000 and Backstreet Boys. It’s every 90s kid’s dream.

Get chips after the night

If you managed to make it out of the place in one piece, you deserve food. And maybe a shower.


2 thoughts on “How to survive Coppers

  1. My friend: “It’s my first time here.” Guy: “Let me give you the coppers welcome.” I DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

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