GUEST BLOG: And the IFTA for Best Dress Goes To

As award season kicked off with the Irish Film and Television Awards, there was really only one reason I was watching the ceremony- the dresses. I wanted to give my opinion on what they wore, but since I look like I got dressed in the dark most days I figured I needed help. So, I recruited Chloe, a friend of mine who runs Very Lovely Stuff to give some help.

Hi! I’m Chloe, a 19 year old student who blogs over at I’m big into beauty & fashion, and so Aoife asked me to join her in rating & slating the stars at the IFTAs. You can tweet me at @_ChloePower_ to let me know what you think of my comments.

Now that we all know each other, let’s get down to the serious business.

Susan Loughnane

Aoife says: What the hell is going on with the knee area? Is it the top of a boot, is it part of the dress? I like this style of dress, but not this particular one. In fact, if you cut off the bottom part of it. it looks decent.

Chloe says: Please, just look at Susan from the waist up. Admire the stunning shade of her hair, which is curled just the way I do it myself. Gaze at her beautifully arched eyebrows & her beaming smile. Appreciate her unblemished skin next to the fitted, demure top of her dress. But avert your eyes from whatever’s going on below the thigh, it ain’t pretty.

Verdict: Miss

Jennifer Maguire

Aoife says: I love the lace arms, and red really suits her. This dress is sexy without showing skin. Also, it compliments her figure really well and she looks like a stick in it.

Chloe says: My God Jen, what were you thinking? “Hey, I’ll look like the red carpet combined with my granny’s net curtains?” I’m sorry, I just can’t like this. It might have worked if it was shorter, or a deeper red/purple. The bright dress & vampy make up makes me want to cry. This is an example of dark eyes & lips not working. That said, I love the nails.

Verdict: Half and half.

Amy Huberman

Aoife says: HOW DOES SOMEONE LOOK THIS GOOD AND GIVE BIRTH TWELVE HOURS LATER? If I can look this good just before going into labour I’ll or a happy woman. Amy has always brought the goods for award shows and she definitely didn’t fail this year. What a woman.

Chloe says: Quite honestly, Amy is stunning. Yes, she played it safe & stuck to black but I’d much rather see this than the celebrities that stretch some see-through fabric over their bump. Not a fan of her bag, I would have preferred some knock-out bright accessories, but her classic nude make up & plait compensate. Plus, she looks like a bit of craic i.e. happy.

Verdict: Hit.

Kathryn Thomas

Aoife says: The neck. Oh sweet Jesus. If the neck wasn’t there, I would actually like this dress. But the neck detail is far too fussy for it to be nice, it resembles a woven basket.

Chloe says: I don’t want to like this, but I do. The dress flatters her figure well, without being too obvious & the neck detail is exquisite, just maybe a little too high. I’m not a big fan of her hair, but it understandably keeps the attention on her dress. (So would a side-bun though.)

Verdict: Half and half

Saoirse Ronan

Aoife says: It’s 1998! My time machine works! The panels cut out of the dress are just woeful. The shoes aren’t exactly red carpet affair friendly, and the hair. Don’t start me on the hair, but I will say that crimping hasn’t been cool for about 10 years. She’s a gorgeous girl and she could have done so much better. (It sounds like I’m counselling her through a break up.)

Chloe says: I’m a bit undecided about this. I’m not in love with it, but I think she did very well to dress ‘young’ without looking like she’s heading to Coppers. Plus I LOVE a good ponytail on the red carpet. She could do with a bit of blusher but I like that her make up is quite natural, with extra emphasis on her eyes.

Verdict: Miss

Amanda Byram

Aoife says: This has all the shine of a black bag, which is weird. I also don’t like the back of it, which is all white. No. Also, put the boobs away love.

Chloe says: I hate black & white together. But Amanda pulls it off, and the back of that dress is divine. But it’s SO amazing, SO sparkly, that all the jewelry was not needed. Earrings, a giant ring, clutch, and bracelet? Listen to Coco Chanel and take something off. Her make up is immaculate though; the lips & eyes balance out one another.

Michelle Keegan

Aoife says: Now, I have big boobs. Bigger than Michelle’s, I’m guessing. And I know well that if something makes your boobs look like that, you should leave it at home. That said, I like the shoulder detail. It would have worked if it fitted her better.

Chloe says: No. It’s too much. The tan, the cleavage, the earrings, the red lips. No doubt, Michelle is gorgeous, but this is too much. If the dress had been strapless, a bit bigger in the chest, and her hair loose & curly maybe. I do admit that I like her eyebrows though.

Verdict: Miss

Charlie Murphy

Aoife says: Once again, the shoulder detail has won it for me. I love this, and have decided to make it my mission to seek this dress out. It’s the colour of my debs dress, or very near to it, and I loved that colour. Charlie wears it really well. The diamante detail on the bust and the sheer. . . thing on the shoulders? Wow. Winner.

Chloe says: Can I just BE her please? Amazing. I am in love with the jewelled bodice & sheer material – This is a perfect example of dramatic, but still classy. I love deep colours, and this is a lovely alternative to black. And while I’m usually all about fierce make up, this simple look is fabulous for highlighting Charlie’s natural beauty. Her up-do is so pretty too; the only thing I could possible fault is her bag but I don’t have the heart. She’s my winner.

Verdict: Hit.

So, that’s what we thought of the IFTA red carpet last night. A big thanks to my partner in crime Chloe, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with one or both of us.


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