What They Don’t Tell You About Job Interviews

Today I had an interview in Dublin for a radio station I’d applied to do some shows for a few weeks ago. It was my first job interview, but not my first time in a radio station (due to having been bitten by the radio bug early, I have spent a good part of my late teens in radio newsrooms or stations). Needless to say, I was a little nervous.

I tried to prepare myself as well as possible, but there were still some parts of the day that I wasn’t ready for. The following are tips that I, in my new found wisdom, think will come in useful when going for a job interview.

Look the part

I am what is known as an Evening Shower Person. I like to have a shower and wash my hair after I’ve gone through a whole day, it’s kind of therapeutic. In the interest of the upcoming interview, and wanting to look nice for someone who could potentially become my new boss, I became a temporary Morning Shower Person. I also dressed myself up all nice (blazer, stripey top, black skinnies) and put on make up for the first time in a couple of weeks. Don’t turn up to an interview wearing your best Adidas tracksuit and peaked cap. Make some kind of effort and they will appreciate this, possibly putting it in as a good point in your favour.

Know where you’re going

The office was in Dublin. That was all I knew when the manager gave me the location. So I decided to come into town and get a taxi to the building from Trinity. This went well on paper, and it all worked until I got into town, got to Trinity and got into a taxi. A taxi whose driver had never heard of the Grand Canal Quay. Which isn’t comforting when you don’t know where it is either, and have entrusted your life into his driving. I was then brought to a place that was closer to the Aviva than it was the studio, HAD to pay the taxi driver or he wouldn’t let me leave (as I was told) and had to flag down another taxi, both of which cost me about twenty euro. It turns out, there is a bus route from near my house to about two minutes from the studio.

Be early- but not too early

I left my house at half twelve to find my way around town and get a taxi for a 3 o clock interview. Thankfully, judging from the taxi fiasco, I ended up giving myself plenty of time. I spent a half an hour sitting in the foyer of the building restarting my phone (Blackberrys are the bane of my life) and deciding what time I would brave the stairs at.

Sell yourself

You’re here because you want to work. Tell them EVERYTHING applicable. I didn’t mention the Aoife FM tapes that I used to make when I was younger, but I did tell them about the stints I had as a newsreader at a station at home and as a presenter/producer on a show on the college station. Which, I was told by the other person being interviewed, was pretty intimidating. So always sell yourself well.

Wear comfortable underwear
For the love of God wear comfortable underwear.


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