Things of Ireland, I love you

Following on from my post a few days ago about the ‘abandoners‘, I started thinking about all the things I would miss about Ireland if I were to pack my bags and head off for good. Obvioulsy I’d miss my family and friends, but I’d have a severe longing for some more material things too.



Arguably the country’s favourite brand of crisps, the brand name has now become synonymous with crisps in Ireland. Whether cheese and onion red or salt and vinegar blue, many of the diaspora will write back to Mammy asking her to send over a big box with her next letter. I’m a salt and vinegar girl myself, but I’m also open to the idea of Snax (there is no upper age limit on Snax. No, really. There isn’t.)

Breakfast Rolls

In the words of Dara, Irish people do baguettes in a way no other country has dared to try. Immortalised in song by Pat Shortt, a breakfast roll is the meal de jour of builders and students alike. It holds a soft spot in all our hearts. Or maybe that’s the cholesterol. . . I’m more of a chicken roll girl, but I can see the pull that a sausage, rashers and pudding in a roll can have.

Red Lemonade


Did you know that Malibu and red lemonade mixed together tastes like Frosties sweets? Did you also know that Ireland is the only country in Europe in which someone can buy red lemonade? No? You’re welcome.

Apparently there is a dye in red lemonade that isn’t used in mainland Europe, and us Irish people are the only lucky people who get to experience red lemonade. And, if you’re from Cork or its surrounding counties, you get to experience Tanora

(I have. I wasn’t too impressed.)



You can guess which is my preference

Nothing can start a heated debate faster than the question of which is their brew of choice. And it’s perfectly acceptable to bring a box of tea bags with you when going on a sun holiday to stave off the dehydration and homesickness for another few hours.

And yes, I have started drinking tea with less sugar in it. But more on that later on.



The Holy Place

Hurling is one thing that I could not live without. My family is big into the sport, and a yearly pilgrimage to Croke Park is vital. Ok, so Waterford aren’t exactly the favourites for any cups this year, but the family still make the trip to see the team play as often as is possible.

If you had to leave, what would you miss most?


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