Being a Barbie Girl

Merry Christmas!


If you were anything like me, after dinner you headed to bed and didn’t come back for three hours or so.

No, I didn’t get a Barbie for Christmas this year. (Or an iPod, for that matter.) In fact, this year I got a dictaphone and insurance on my mother’s policy. But, hearing every second child I asked tell me that Santy brought them a tablet made me miss the days when I had a Barbie waiting for me under the tree. And there were several of those. I present to you: the many Barbies of Aoife (by the time I was nine, and outgrowing Barbie, I had a 36-strong collection.)

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Disney Ditties

Since I came home from college, all I’ve done (apart from eat absolutely everything edible in the house) is watch the entire back catalogue of Disney films (I do this roughly once every three or four months.) Watching back made me┬áreminisce over the songs that appeared in them. Songs that were much better than any song released these days. (Apart from Katy. Obvs)

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