Essential Christmas Viewing

Today feels like the first day of the Christmas season for me. My housemates and I started our Advent calendar today, so that all the days would be opened by the time we went home for our Christmas break.

Last night I watched a Christmas film with my friends, and put the Christmas playlist on my iPod. And, earlier on this week, I saw the Coke ad.

Holidays are definitely coming.

So, I decided to start the Christmas blogs with my favourite Christmas films list.


This is the one I watched last night with my friends from college (one of whom hadn’t seen it before. I know.) I can’t even pick my favourite part of it, because it is so quotable I had to be told to shut up so everyone could watch it as it was meant to be seen.

I also may or may not have watched this in July.

The Grinch

Released before Taylor Momsen discovered eyeliner, The Grinch is one of the weirdest feel good films on the list. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jim Carrey, but he is amazing in this film. It reminds us that not everyone loves Christmas (for whatever reason they have) but that they’re still good people deep down.

It also stars Mitt Romney in an early film role.

Love Actually

Richard Curtis strikes again. Love Actually is one of the best films, and the postcard scene melts my heart every time.

Of course, my Dad walked into the room at the right wrong time and thought I was watching porn. Cheers, Da.

Home Alone

I think if my family forgot me at Christmas, I’d kill them. Kevin’s attempts to protect his house, though, make me laugh a scary amount.

National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation 

Props to one of the girls for introducing me to this one. This film may as well be renamed ‘Murphy’s Law at Christmas Time.’ The Granny cracks me up.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ok, not a Christmas themed film. This film, though, always brings back memories of a four-year-old Aoife in the kitchen making jelly for jelly and ice cream with my Mam while this film played in the background. This is my Christmas film.


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