How To Be The Best Housemate Ever

This week was first week back in the Big Shmoke, and with it has come a new experience: living with friends. For my first year of college I lived with a person I didn’t know, but this year two of my friends on my course and I are living together. In student accommodation. Without Mammy, or their digs landlady. So, basically, we’re on our own. Throughout the week, I’ve picked up a few of the basics that hopefully will help you to turn into the best housemate possible. And not turn into their mother.

Keep it clean

No one likes to eat food from a dirty plate, or eat at a dirty table. Mammy isn’t doing the washing up every night because she likes it- living in a dirty environment can actually make you pretty sick, which isn’t something you want when you’re looking to head off on a night out. Clean the cutlery and stuff as soon after you use them as you can, keep your worktops clean, and don’t leave any uneaten food lying around the place. Not only is it good for your health, the roomies won’t be on your back the whole time about the state of the kitchen.


Like it or lump it, you’re going to be living with these people for the next year. Don’t just sit in your room sulking and staring at the four walls. Go out into then kitchen and have a chat with whoever’s in there. You may find a new best friend in your new roommate, who could share some of the interests you have. You’ll never know until you try.

Do your share

Most of this will have to do with cleaning. Keep your own room clean, clean up after yourself. If everyone;’s interested, you could also share the cooking, with different people cooking on different days. This eases the cost on you, when you only have to buy dinner once a week, introduces you to new cuisines, and gives you a chance to have a chat with your housemates. It also helps develop the cooking skills of people who haven’t moved away from home yet (Much like a friend’s roommate, who was fascinated that my friend can make soup.)

Respect their privacy

Everyone likes their own space every once in a while. If the rest of the house want to head out while you’d prefer to stay at home and watch Eastenders, there’s really nothing stopping you. If you want to go see others to escape the house for a bit, do it. More than likely, your housemates will have other friends, other events and other things they want to do too. If you need some alone time, head into the bedroom for a bit, or go for a walk. Same applies to the others, try not to force them to partake in activities they don’t want to.


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