How To Get Up At 9am And Still Have Fun

Yes, it is possible. You can have the craic and still make your 9 o clock lecture. Here are some tips on how to make sure college is, as you’ve heard people say, the best years of your life.

New Beginnings

You know how back at home, you’re the kid who ate their lunch in a corner of the canteen on their own? Or people would run away from you because you still played with a Tamagotchi (if that’s you, where did you get one?!) In college, none of that will matter!! Unless you go in a big group, you’re walking in new territory when you start college. They aren’t going to know that you still sleep with a teddy. Or that you spend your Saturday nights doing crossword puzzles. Unless, of course, you tell them. Going to college is a time to let go of the you from the past and meet new people.

Join Societies

Everyone has something they’re good at, which has nothing to do with their course. Whether it’s music or sports, there’s literally a society or club for everyone. Joining a club or society offers many more benefits than it does hindrances. It allows you to nurture your talent, gives you a way to entertain yourself in the evenings, and, most of all, is a way to meet people not on your course. The only downside is that sometimes, college work can suffer if there’s a match/show/debate every week. All you have to do, just like in sixth year, is to find the right balance.

Do The Work

Strange as this may seem, the main reason you’re in college isn’t to cause permanent liver damage. It’s actually to get a decent degree so that you can get a good job and set yourself up for a comfy future. I know it’s harsh, but the only way you’re going to get that degree is to work hard. Nights out will have to be sacrificed. There are going to be weeks where you won’t get to sleep for a few days in a row. You’ll be Nescafe’s best friend and turn into a Red Bull connoisseur. But, seeing a good mark beside your name and bestowing a title upon yourself is the best feeling in the world.

I think. I’ll let you know when I’ve graduated myself.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Ok, yes, I did say work. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? If you stay in all day you’re only going to drive yourself insane. Sometimes, a night on the tiles is just what you need to get the stresses of the day out of your system. Most colleges have their own nights out with lower priced entry to certain clubs. Many other clubs run offers on their Facebook pages for students to get in for free, or on the guest list, or for a discount. Keep an eye on the club’s pages for offers for your college,  or some of the clubs around the town you’re studying in. And try not to go to your lectures with a paralysing hangover. You won’t realise what you’ve missed until you’re performing an appendectomy and have no idea where the appendix actually is…


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