The College Checklist

The time of the year has arrived. Pencils sharpened, bags packed, it’s time to return to school . . . Oh, wait. You’re going to college!! First of all, congratulations on reaching this next important milestone in your life. Now comes the difficult question: What am I going to pack? Fear not, student. I am here for you.



In fact, this is what will take up most of the room in your suitcases. The average college student will need clothes for three situations: Everyday, Going Out and Sleeping (unless you’re a guy.) The essentials (socks, shoes, underwear) will also need to be accounted for.


Believe it or not, Mammy will not be coming to college with you. Which means you’re going to have to learn to cook for yourself. If you’re like me, this may prove difficult (see entry here for further details) But after some practice you’ll give Ramsey a run for his money. Be sure to bring saucepans, plates, knives, forks, the whole shebang. And maybe a fire extinguisher.


Lots of it. I go to college in Dublin, around 160km from my hometown. Just getting to college costs twenty euro a week. Fund yourself any way you can, be it through that part time job you slaved away at all summer, or the Bank of Mam and Dad. (Don’t tell them you spend most of the money on going out. They won’t like that much.) Socialising isn’t, much as you may think, the only thing you’ll be spending on. Your course may require certain materials, such as a lab coat for a science course, which won’t come for free.


It seems like a no-brainer. Your (possibly) new laptop will soon become your best friend. It has everything you will ever need. You can do all your assignments on it (spare a thought for our parents, who did their 2000 word essays by hand. And then had to count all 2000 words manually.) It has the internet, which means it has Facebook/Twitter/Bebo/whatever the kids use these days. It doubles up as a handy DVD player.

Cleaning Equipment

See that saucepan in the sink? Or the spilled tea on the kitchen table? They aren’t going to clean themselves. When the landlord/security guy comes around, you are going to have to make like the Geordie Shore cast and spruce the house up a little. It wouldn’t hurt to have an arsenal of Toilet Duck, J-Cloths, Cif and Mr Sheen (the polishing stuff, not Charlie) ready for battle when the doorbell rings. And don’t forget to take out the bins!

The above should get you through, but don’t forget to bring one important thing. The craic.


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