The Loveliest Lovely Girl

This year’s Lovely Girls Competition (sorry, the Rose of Tralee) ended last night, with Luxemburg Rose Nicola McEvoy crowned this year’s Rose by rugby player Ronan O Gara (who looked like he’d rather be anywhere else than in the Dome in Tralee).

Twitter was full of comments on the evenings’ entertainment from the lay people of the country. Many of these read something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe I’m watching this.’ and ‘Why is this still on television?’

So is it time that we gave the Rose of Tralee a makeover?

The ‘Walking’ section of the competition had been carried out earlier in the week. Daithi, adorned in his new heels, was the clear winner.

One thing is for sure, the competition definitely needs to be brought up to date with 21st Century Ireland. The entry criteria for a Rose state that a woman must be under twenty eight years of age. While this may seem a long time away to a first year college student, there is quite a lot that a person can fit into twenty eight years on the planet. Who’s to say, though, that life ends at twenty eight? With the average age for marriage or first time motherhood in the early thirties now, why not bump the age limit up two years to thirty?

Speaking of marriage, a Rose cannot be married, or have divorced. In a country where divorce has been introduced and is now legal, is it not time that these women can enter? Besides, think of how well an engagement story will go down with the audience.

Other interesting points of information are that there has never been an (open) LGBT Rose in the festival. In a society where people have been tirelessly campaigning for the legalisation of gay marriages, surely the time for the first openly gay Rose is coming?

In a multicultural world like ours, it’s perfectly likely that an Irish emigrant will meet and fall for a native of their new home. In the entire history of the Rose competition, only one mixed race Rose has qualified for the international finals. Mothers have only been allowed enter for the last few years, with this new ruling not even a decade old.

The time has come for the Rose of Tralee to get with the times.

And yes, last night, they all had lovely bottoms.


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