The Disney Darlings

One or two nights every month, I get the exact same thought. ‘I’m going to watch every single Disney film I own.’ Some nights, I do it when I’m upset, or had a bad day. Disney cheers me up immensely. Other times, it’s cos Disney films are just THAT good.

If I’m being totally honest, I haven’t seen every Disney film ever made. I do, however, have some favourites.

The Lion King

As soon as I hear the opening song, and see the sun rising, it sucks me in. The Lion King is my all time favourite Disney film. I don’t know exactly what it is about it. Is it the heart-warming message that you will always feel an attachment to your home? Or the all star cast? Maybe the jokes?

Whatever it is, there’s one bit that gets me every time. Yes, that bit. The Lion King was the first film I ever watched with my boyfriend, and I had to turn away from him to make sure he didn’t see the effect it had on me. It was pretty bad.

Lady and the Tramp

If The Lion King was Hamlet in Disney form, Lady and the Tramp was Romeo and Juliet. Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel, falls for the Tramp, a street wise stray who was the first person to live by the phrase ‘YOLO’. And yes, I fully intend to do the spaghetti scene with someone. Anyone.

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora/Briar Rose/Rose/Seriously, how many names can one woman have is one of the prettiest Disney Princesses. She had flowing blonde hair that never had a single strand out of place. She had millions of animal friends, like that owl who dressed up as a prince to try and cheer her up (none of my friends, animal or human, have ever done that for me. Cheers, lads.), her dress magically changed from blue to pink (the former, admittedly, looked much better on her) and she was raised by three fairies. No wonder she nabbed Prince Philip. Bitch.

Beauty and the Beast 

While The Lion King is my favourite Disney film, Belle is my favourite Disney Princess. Why? Belle is me. She is the Disney Princess with whom I most identify. I, like the films protagonist, am a complete book worm (although I’ve never had a sheep eat one of the pages while I was reading. Must work on that.), stubborn, (fairly) intelligent and an outsider (refer to ‘Losing my blog virginity’ for more information).

The best scene is, undoubtedly, ‘Be Our Guest’. If my delft were to entertain me while I was having dinner, I can guarantee that food would be gone cold by the time I had even remembered it was there in front of me.

Now you know what scene I meant.


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