Hitting The Road In Spots

If you read yesterday’s post (thank you, by the way) you will know that today I had my driving theory test. After countless practice theory tests, late nights with the question book and texts to three people informing them that I felt like I was going to throw up, I PASSED 🙂

Although, when I was sitting waiting for the results, I was convinced I’d bombed it. Then the tiny voice in my head (kinda like my conscience, but it’s voiced by Zooey Deschanel) pointed out that if I had failed, the instructor would have told me as soon as I’d left the hall. And he was a nice guy.

But anyway, the moral of the story is that this is going on my car!Image

Ok, it’s going on my Mam’s car. And maybe I’ll get rid of some of the pink fluff. But it flashes, which will come in handy at night.

Due to restrictions, I can’t apply for my actual driving test until January 2013. Which is good, in a way. I’ve never sat into a car before, and if I did I’d probably kill someone. Or myself.

I also have the entire summer (until the last week of September, when I go back to college) to start lessons. Watch this space.


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