Vroom Vroom Beep Beep

This book is my life now. Or, at least the last three or four months.

Turns out learning to learn to drive is so much fun, I decided to do it twice.

That’s right, I’m a former failure. On my first attempt at the theory test, just over two years ago, I only managed a 32/40. That’s a good score, but not enough when the pass mark is 35.

I took a year out, got my sh!t together, and tried again.

Bought the CD this time, cos I figured the book wasn’t helping me that much. Hit the CD every night after I finished my college exams for a bit, and slowly I could feel myself get more and more confident.

Maybe it was time to go again.

The decision to book TT2 came at around half eleven one night, cos night time’s my optimum decision making time. Took out the credit card, looked at the calendar, had a chat with the ‘go to’s again (ok, maybe just Himself this time) and booked the test. Thursday, July 12th. 4pm.

When I booked it in early June, it seemed AGES away.Now it’s tomorrow and it doesn’t seem as far away. Over the last few days I’ve pestered EVERYONE I knew to ask me questions from the book. I did it on the train home from Dublin, on the couch during the Geordie Shore ad breaks. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I did it all to get prepared. I felt prepared. I was ready. Now, I fear I’ll go in, sit down, and¬†experience¬†deja vu and bomb it all over again.

The only thing driving (ba dum tish) me to succeed, apart from being able to operate a car of course, is that my Dad told me that if I pass, he’ll feed me. And I haven’t had food in a long time.


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