Losing my blogging virginity

When one is a Journalism student, it’s probably a good idea to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and throw a few ideas down. The idea for blogging hit me about an hour ago, and to be honest I can’t see why I didn’t think of it earlier. When I went to my ‘go to’ people (namely my best friend from home and my best friends in college) each of them told me this would be a good idea.

I should probably listen to them more often.

So, to get started, here’s 10 random facts about me. An introduction, if you will.

1. I’m quite short. Most of my friends are a good 3inches+ taller than I am. So, in a way, I’m always with people who I look up to.
2. As the previous fact suggests, I make a LOT of stupid jokes. Most of the time, people don’t even respond to these. Which means you don’t either.
3. I have more close friends in college now than I ever did when I was back at home. I grew up as a bit of a social outcast, and didn’t fit in with a lot of the groups in my class.(People in my class may object, but this is my opinion.) After my close friends skipped TY and I didn’t, I felt more isolated. That forms part of the reason why I bonded quickly with those in Dublin who showed an interest in talking to me.
4. I have several obsessions in my life. One of these is Katy Perry (or KP). It is generally accepted by those who know me that you don’t badmouth KP in my presence. Another love of mine is polka dots, hence the name 0f this blog.
5. Until I was nine, I thought my eyes were brown. Turns out they were green the WHOLE time.
6. When I was six, I gave my mother the best present a child could give. A night in hospital with her injured child. I had performed a concert of Barney songs for her from my ‘stage’, one of the chairs in the kitchen. As the performance finished, and I came off the stage ready to go back to my dressing room, I slipped, hit the kitchen table on my way down, and fractured my right arm. (And yes, I am right handed.)
7. The only real regret that I have is that I gave up Irish dancing when I did. I quite liked doing it, and I kinda wish I still could. Doing the Siege of Ennis at a wedding just isn’t the same as doing it at Fleadh.
8. I like to complain (apparently) so expect a lot of that in future posts.
9. There’s a large bump on the crown of my head. It’s a birthmark. For ages I was convinced I’d gotten it when I fell off a wall when I was three. For personal reasons, I only allow people I really care about look at my bump.
10. Yes, I do use Twitter. My Twitter name comes from my birth, middle and confirmation names. And Aoife is prounounced ‘Ee-fah.’ (There’ll be a WHOLE post on that one, fear not)


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