SMTV: The Golden Days of Saturday Morning Television

This morning saw a strange occurrence in my life. I was awake before 11am on a Saturday morning.

I got up to watch the Olympics, like pretty much half the world’s population did, but I was up before the gymnastics started so I turned on some of the kids TV channels to see what they had to offer me

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What Did You Say The Child’s Name Was?

Dear celebrities all over the world. It is I, worthless pleb. I come bringing advice. Stop giving your kids ridiculous names when you/your wife give birth to them! We’re not laughing with ye, lads. . . The following are some guidelines as to the general categories you should avoid

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I’m Sorry, Could You Spell That For Me?

Twenty years ago, Papa Polka Dot and Mama Polka Dot had their first child. It was a truly joyous occasion (or so I’m led to believe.) Then came the next step. What are we going to name this child?

They decided on Aoife. A name meaning beauty, joy and radiance. One of the most popular baby girl names at the time. What could possibly go wrong?

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